Flood and disaster guidelines available

3 January 2024

We've pulled together all the information you need to commence repair and rebuilding work in the face of the recent severe weather and flooding events in Queensland.

While it may take some time before the floodwaters recede and the disaster recovery phase is complete, our Disaster Guidelines and Resources will give you the information you need once work can commence. This includes information on first priorities such as power and plumbing, key areas to inspect following a storm or flood, things that need to happen before building rectification works can commence and all about repair work contracts and your insurance obligations as a builder or tradie.

There is also a collection of information and resources on and the common WHS hazards found during flooding, including mould, electrical safety, and other infection risks from flood recovery and response work will also assist.

When it comes time to build back, there is advice on building resilience to better prepare for when the next event strikes.

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