Happy clients = successful business

18 April 2019

Naturally enough we all want our business to be successful. But to be successful the business needs good planning and management in building its reputation and brand. We live and work in a change environment so the business will also need to be competitive to maintain its sustainability and profitability.

The delivery of a great customer service culture in the business is also vital.

We might sit down and start to ponder: What is that next big thing that will propel my business forward? What innovation can I introduce into my products and/or services that is seen as value by the client? If it adds value for the client the business will naturally be on track to remain sustainable and profitable.

However waiting for that big thing to eventuate may take time, so until you have that next big thing firmly in your grasp you should look to see how you might invigorate your current products and services.

As a starting point look at the strengths and weaknesses of each of your current products or services. Don't just look at them in isolation though; try to understand how they interact with the business overall. Most of us can rattle off a list of our strengths. However listing our weaknesses is a different matter. When it comes to business matters it may pay to get a business advisor to look over the business.

It's surprising what a fresh set of eyes will discover.

Objective assessment of the way the business is performing and how it can improve is critical if the business is to remain sustainable and profitable. Some businesses also undertake a Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats (SWOT) analysis.

A business that fosters a great customer service culture among its staff and subcontractors will help tremendously in building a successful business. Happy clients are a great promotional resource for a business.

How do you get clients to ‘sing’ your praise? Simply meet their expectations which is none other than giving them what the business contracted to do!

That said we have all met or known of other contractors who have had clients who have presented a real challenge in managing their expectations.

When it comes to customer service sometimes the template approach doesn't work and if for no other reason than to keep the client from bad-mouthing the business we might just have to deliver that extra bit of service; as they say ‘go the extra mile’ and manage the risk with the most appropriate course of action. This might mean you elevate the handling of that client to a higher ranking employee or someone in senior management.

Remember it’s critical to keep the communication lines open when dealing with a dissatisfied client.

It's a human trait in wanting to be taken seriously and listened to and this is especially relevant to a client when they are trying to get someone to resolve a problem for them. Ignoring a client either through avoidance, like not answering their phone calls or emails will only inflame the matter. If they do not receive the appropriate level of assistance with their concern they will most likely tell who ever will listen to them about the business perceived lack of care and response. The business will lose their trust as an honest and caring business that just doesn't care about their clients. The business reputation and brand will suffer and so will the bottom line/profit.

Communicate, communicate, communicate and/or listen, listen, listen to the client and then you will be in a much better position to address their concern.

If you want a successful business then just keep remembering, happy and satisfied clients refer other potential clients; it gives these clients great comfort to know the business can be trusted to do the right thing based on what their friends, work mates or relatives have to say.

If people believe they can trust your business they are most likely to pay a small premium for acquiring your services. Now there is a strength (trust) worth developing; it might just be the next big thing the business has been waiting for in its endeavours to becoming a (more) successful business.

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