COVID-19 Update #2: New details for Greater Brisbane lockdown, 8 - 11 January, 2021

8 January 2021

With the Greater Brisbane lockdown now only a matter of hours away, we are fielding lots of calls with questions about what you can and can’t do across the next three days.

To this end, here is some more detailed information based on the frequently asked questions coming through to our team.

It is our understanding that:

  • You can leave the Greater Brisbane area once the lockdown period commences (from 6pm tonight, 8 January) to do construction work. However you will need to abide by the lockdown restrictions upon your return.

For example, if you live in Brisbane and you have a project on the Gold Coast, you can go there to do this work as long as you abide by the Brisbane restrictions while on site.

  • You can enter Greater Brisbane from outside the region, such as from the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast to do construction work, and then return home. However you must continue to abide by the lock down restrictions on your return home.

For example, if you are a construction worker who lives at the Gold Coast and you have a project in Brisbane, you can attend the site in Brisbane.

When you get home, you will need to continue to follow the lockdown rules, such as staying home and only leaving your home for essential purposes, wearing a mask when travelling outside your home, and limiting the numbers of people into your home.

We also recommended that if you are travelling to locations to and from the Greater Brisbane area then you should:

  • Take personal identification with you
  • Take information with you about your purpose of travel, such as a contract or work order or evidence that you are a construction worker.
  • Go directly to and from your home to the worksite without stopping to do non-essential activities (such as shopping, or grabbing a bite to eat)
  • Wear a mask
  • Follow hygiene and social distancing rules

For more information, head to the Queensland Health website or read our earlier update, including COVID-19 resources for your business.

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