New Performance Solution Requirements

9 February 2021

From 1 July 2021 the National Construction Code (NCC) will include new requirements for demonstrating compliance through Performance Solutions for building and plumbing work.

NCC Performance Requirements are satisfied by a Performance Solution, Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution or a combination of both (A2.1 Compliance with the Performance Requirements).

New Performance Solution Requirements

How you demonstrate compliance under the Performance Solution pathway is changing.

Currently under NCC A2.2 Performance Solution, a Performance Solution must be shown to comply with the relevant Performance Requirements through one or a combination of the Assessment Methods, Evidence of suitability provisions at Part A5, a Verification Method, Expert Judgement or comparison with the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions.

From 1 July the following process will also be included in the NCC.

Where a Performance Requirement is proposed to be satisfied by a Performance Solution, the following steps must be undertaken:

(a) Prepare a performance-based design brief in consultation with all the people who help prepare, assess or have an interest in the performance solution (owner, engineers, designers, builder, certifier etc) to determine the appropriate Acceptance Criteria and Assessment Methods.

(b) Carry out analysis, modelling or testing using the Assessment Methods.

(c) Evaluate results against the Acceptance Criteria.

(d) Prepare a final report that includes:

  • all Performance Requirements and/or Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions identified as applicable; and
  • all Assessment Methods used; and
  • details of steps (a) to (c); and
  • confirmation that the Performance Requirement has been met; and
  • details of conditions or limitations, if any exist, regarding the Performance Solution.

Detail on the process is available from the ABCB.

The ABCB has also developed a short video guide to assist and a detailed online CPD course.

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