Repairing and rebuilding after the floods

8 February 2019

It has certainly been a hair-raising week and our thoughts and best wishes are with any anyone in the community feeling the impact of the flooding in the North Queensland region, particularly those hardest hit in and around Townsville.

Once initial clean-up has occurred and you turn your attention to any necessary repair work, the Queensland Government has produced some useful resources.

The QBCC’s website includes comprehensive resources in the areas of: asbestos removal, FAQs for homeowners and contractors, insurance claims guidance, flood cleaning checklist, guides for rebuilding flood damaged timber and plasterboard rectification.

The QBCC have also created the North Queensland Flood Register, which will allow consumers to search for available licensed contractors for rebuilding work. Licensed contractors can use the online registration form to register (all registrations will be verified by the QBCC).

Other resources include:

Disaster funding

The Small Business Recovery Centre is now up and running in Townsville, with the goal of supporting small businesses who have been impacted to get back up and running. If you've experienced hardship, they can assist with support and financial assistance through Community Recovery Queensland. Visit the Community Recovery Queensland website or call 1800 173 349.

Repairs and rebuilding

In the coming weeks, if your home or business has been impacted and you need specific advice about getting your business back up and running or first priorities for dealing with flood damage, or if you need help from our experts when quoting and contracting on repair work for others, please contact us and we can assist wherever possible.

We will also be working hard behind the scenes as much as possible to ensure local contractors are used by insurance companies wherever possible.

We understand that local contractors have important local knowledge, and keeping the work within the community also has ongoing economic benefits. We will fight hard on your behalf and be encouraging insurers and affected people to use local contractors wherever possible.

We will release additional information via social media as it comes to hand – so be sure to follow us on Facebook. In the meantime, please continue to stay safe and call if you require any assistance or advice.

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