Master Builders Members Legal is Master Builders' wholly owned legal practice.

Members Legal offers legal and contractual advice exclusively to members, tailored to your business or specific circumstances.

Why use Members Legal?

Master Builders Queensland members receive advice and assistance on construction projects from Members Legal free of charge. You can use the service as many times a year as you need at no additional charge.

Services Members Legal offer include:

  • Which contract to use for your specific project
  • Understanding terms and conditions of your contracts
  • Extension of time and variation claims
  • BCIPA advice
  • Options to help get paid
  • General advice on QCAT matters.

Members Legal is unable to represent you in court or tribunal actions, or provide comprehensive advice on complex matters, such as terminating a contract. If the advice or service you need is outside of Members Legal scope, you will be referred to an appropriate external lawyer who is part of Master Builders' expert referral panel.

Get in touch

Got a legal or contractual problem? Contact us and our customer service team will connect you with the Members Legal team, who'll be in touch to provide you with the advice you need, at no extra charge.

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