Did you know you can get $250 off your membership fee for every successful referral you make (up to the value of your membership subscription)?

It's easy. Simply tell us about a mate or colleague who might be interested in becoming a Master Builders member and we'll give them a call. If they join, you'll get $250 off your next membership renewal.

We rely on strength in numbers to represent your interests. The stronger our membership, the louder our voice. Help boost Master Builders membership to ensure we maintain our strong industry voice.

Email us your referral or phone us on 1300 30 50 10.

Terms and conditions

The following are the terms and conditions of participation in Master Builders Member Referral Program.

“Referrer” refers to yourself or your business, and “Referral” refers to any person or entity referred to Master Builders.

These terms & conditions may be revised at Master Builders' discretion at any time.

Rewards for referral

  • You'll receive the $250 credit on your membership invoice on your next renewal date after the referral results in a new Master Builders' 12 month membership
  • You'll only be recognised and receive credit on the referral of a specific person or business once
  • Referral rewards are limited to the value of your Master Builders membership fee
  • The referral reward program excludes referrals from or to apprentices, lecturers, cadets, students, retirees, employees and site supervisors.


To protect Master Builders' customer privacy, we can't provide identifying customer names and contact information to you. However, we'll provide a report with each Referrer payment detailing referral and date of sale.

Warranty disclaimer

Master Builders Member Referral Program makes no warranties expressed or implied with regard to Master Builders Member Referral Program except as outlined in these terms and conditions.

Referrer understands that Referral tracking can never be 100 per cent accurate and Master Builders Member Referral Program is not responsible for inaccuracies that might occur beyond its control. Tracking of Referral sales depends on the referrer providing the proper Referral information. It's the goal of Master Builders to make Referral tracking as accurate as possible; however, Master Builders Member Referral Program can't guarantee 100 per cent tracking reliability for situations beyond its control. We'll make every reasonable effort to identify the originating Referrer and reward them accordingly.

This promotion excludes referrals from or to apprentices, lecturers, cadets, students or retirees.


Master Builders Member Referral Program holds the right to cancel and remove a Referrer's details for any reason if deemed necessary.

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