Master Builders is the home of building and construction in Queensland. As experts in our field, we’re a trusted source of knowledge with a long and proud history.

Boasting a strong member base across nine diverse regions throughout the state, our association is dedicated to supporting builders, tradespeople and other related professions. We support these members by improving their skills, increasing their knowledge, and promoting high industry standards.

In addition, we offer support and advice to consumers who have embarked on building or renovation projects.

Our members need the products and services you can offer to help them in running their businesses. When you become a sponsor with Master Builders, we give you access to a highly engaged audience of decision makers operating in a very competitive market.

Being a sponsor can increase your reach by connecting you with potential new customers, generating exposure for your brand, and giving you an edge over your competitors with exclusive invitations to participate in key industry events. You can even boost staff morale by getting your workers involved at these events, which include trade shows, gala award ceremonies and so much more.

Why be connected with us?

We help you get the most out of sponsorship by:

  1. Understanding your objectives and working out which of your current goals and strategies our sponsorship packages can help you achieve
  2. Identifying opportunities you actually ‘own’ and what you can achieve with them
  3. Valuing what you bring to the table
  4. Looking for ways to activate sponsorship across all relevant channels, including your sales team, retailers, distributors and internal departments — all of which add return to your investment
  5. Capturing data and measuring results. We provide post-event reports within two weeks following each event.

We invite you to align with Master Builders – and by association, your brand will garner greater respect and credibility, positioning you and your business as an authority in the industry.

There are a variety of sponsorship packages available, tailored to different levels of investment – so get in touch today.

Major Sponsors