Creating a sustainable future with renewable hydrogen gas*

With the Australian Government committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 26-28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 under the Paris Agreement, what will the future of gas look like?

31 October 2022

WHS penalties when working on your own house*

If you work on your own property, have you considered if you have the appropriate license to carry out the work? Often when doing this work, you may not consider your legislative obligations from a Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) perspective, thinking it is private work on a personal residence, but it's not that simple.

17 October 2022

Changes to WHS work laws – psychosocial hazards and sexual harassment

Early next year, amendments to the state WHS regulations will be enacted and will contain a definition of psychosocial hazards and risks, an express duty to manage those risks, and provisions relating to determining control measures to manage psychosocial risks.

13 October 2022

Biennial research 2022

Every second year, Master Builders conducts research with our members, non-members and consumers to gain insights into how we can continue to evolve our products and services to provide value and support for our members and the industry into the future.

7 October 2022

Master Builders welcomes upcoming granny flat law changes

Master Builders welcomes the changes to allow the renting out of secondary dwellings, known as ‘granny flats’, without the need for development approval.

27 September 2022

Information on the 22 Sept Queen's Memorial Public Holiday

The federal government has announced a special public holiday as memorial to the late Queen, to be held on Thursday, 22 September.

12 September 2022

MFR Report window closing soon

There is a window of opportunity to rely on the Special Purpose Financial Statements (SPFS) and skip the greater cost of preparing the General Purpose Financial Statements (GPFS) in the preparation of a QBCC Minimum Financial Requirements (MFR) report.

2 September 2022

NCC 2022 change implementation delayed

Government has announced a delay in the implementation of the next iteration of the National Construction Code (NCC), NCC 2022.

29 August 2022

Fire ant biosecurity zone changes

As of 1 September 2022 new suburbs will be added to the fire ant biosecurity zones.

23 August 2022

Changes to QBCC MFR Reports

From 1 July 2022, the prescribed accounting standards have changed, with a knock-on effect impacting QBCC Minimum Financial Requirements (MFR) Reports.

19 August 2022

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