Apprentice back pay owing

29 October 2019

An important message for incorporated employers which existed prior to 27 March 2006, and who employed an apprentice any time since 1 January 2014.

As previously advised, certain Queensland apprentices may have been underpaid due to errors by the Fair Work Ombudsman. The underpayments may extend back to 1 January 2014.

After lobbying extensively on behalf of members and industry to obtain financial assistance from the Queensland and federal governments, the federal Attorney-General's Department has confirmed that the federal government will compensate employers who have made back pay to apprentices, arising from the errors of the Fair Work Ombudsman. More information

Master Builders has historical award wages information available for members to calculate if they have an obligation to adjust back pay. Our team of experts are on hand to assist members with any information or explanation for your apprentices.

Contact us for assistance.

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