NCC 2022 change implementation delayed

29 August 2022

Government has announced a delay in the implementation of the next iteration of the National Construction Code (NCC), NCC 2022.

Key dates for NCC 2022

  • 1 October 2022 – available for voluntary adoption
  • 1 May 2023 – mandatory adoption
  • 1 October 2023 – accessible housing and energy efficiency and condensation provisions will commence

A majority of the NCC 2022 will come into full effect on 1 May 2023.

The changes, set to significantly impact residential construction, include waterproofing, accessibility, and energy efficiency and were due to commence 1 September 2022.

The NCC 2022 will be available for voluntary adoption from 1 October 2022. The full and final version of NCC 2022 will go live on NCC online and hard copies will be available for sale from this date.

There will be a further transition for the specific accessible housing and energy efficiency and condensation provisions which will commence 1 October 2023.

Master Builders has been advocating on behalf of members to delay the introduction of changes to allow industry time to prepare, as well as flexibility to allow sensible solutions. Our goal was to ensure industry has sufficient time to transition to significant changes. While the delay acknowledges the need for transition time, we’ll continue to advocate for additional time and further clarification on the technical details and provide members with information as it’s provided.

For details of what to expect in the changes see our NCC 2022 amendments page.


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