The contract documentation is all documents which, when combined, form the basis of the contract. It can include pre-tenders, tenders, quotes and contractual documentation. Together, it will give you everything you need to complete the building works and meet the service delivery requirements.

Documents that are often bundled up include:

  • Contract – the binding document or agreement between you and the owner to carry out the building work. The type of contract you use will depend on the size and complexity of the project.
  • Contract conditions – define the legal rights and obligations, or the rules by which each party (you and the owner) must comply
  • Special contract conditions – conditions that are an extension of the general conditions and apply specifically to the project
  • Bill of quantities – a list of materials, parts and labour (and their costs) that are included in the contract. The bill of quantities is helpful in valuing variations and assists in the preparation of progress claims
  • Drawings – the architectural and structural plans of the building
  • Specifications – set out the technical requirements of the work. They describe the project and requirements for materials and workmanship, and add clarity to the drawings
  • Other documents – including technical and pricing schedules.

We recommend that both you and the owner endorse complete sets of all contractual documents, and that all documents are kept intact. You must also ensure that all contracts, including related plans, specifications and directions, are kept for seven years from the date the contract was put into writing.

Use Master Builders contracts

You can also complete your contracts online via eDocs, which has a wealth of free contracts and support documents for eligible members.* We've got both the residential and commercial sectors covered, with head contracts and support documents, Safety Management Plans, Safe Work Method Statements, safety support documents and more (*free eDocs excludes the suite of CSIRO online documents and other selected online documents).

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