Employment and industrial relations legislation

Our information on employment and industrial relations legislation aims to help employers and employees achieve fair, equitable and productive workplaces.

Relevant laws, codes and regulations include:

Fair Work Act

The Fair Work Act 2009 regulates almost all private sector workplace relations matters throughout Australia. It prescribes and regulates National Employment Standards, modern awards, enterprise agreements, unfair dismissals and industrial action. The Fair Work Commission receives its powers from this Act.

Fair Work Regulations

Download the Fair Work Regulations 2009

Fair Work Commission

The Fair Work Commission is the national workplace relations tribunal. It’s an independent body with the authority to carry out a range of functions under the Fair Work Act 2009, related to private sector employment and wages.

Fair Work Information Statement

You must give all new employees a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement from the Fair Work website, when they begin their employment (or earlier).

Download the Fair Work Information Statement.

Small Business Fair Dismissal Code

The Small Business Fair Dismissal Code came into operation under the Fair Work Act 2009 on 1 July 2009.

The Code outlines the steps to follow if you’re a small business employer dismissing an employee. You don’t have to follow the Code, but if the dismissal is consistent with the Code, Fair Work Australia (FWA) cannot find the person was unfairly dismissed.

Building and Construction Industry Portable Long Service Leave Act

This Act governs long service leave payments for workers in the Queensland building and construction industry. The scheme is administered by QLeave – the Building and Construction Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Authority.

Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Act

The Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian and the Act protects the rights, interests and well-being of children in Queensland.

Administering the blue card system, which is a prevention and monitoring system for people working with children and young people, the Commission aims to create safe and supportive environments for children and young people and protect them from harm.

Workplace Gender Equality Act

The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 focuses on gender equality in the workplace for both men and women, including equal remuneration and rights in relation to family and caring responsibilities.

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