The deal

Master Builders members receive exclusive Gold Fleet discounts on Toyota vehicles, giving you the buying power that is usually only accessible by large national businesses.

The discount depends on the model purchased.

Why use it

With over 50 years in the Australian market, Toyota is Australia’s best-selling car brand. From passenger vehicles through to SUVs and light commercial vehicles, Toyota offers a wide range of vehicle options.

How to get it

To access these great benefits and determine the level of discount, contact your preferred Toyota Dealership or call 1800 444 847.

Need more info about the deal?

Get in touch with us and we'll try and help you out.

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The above discounts and benefits are subject to the provider’s terms and conditions and eligibility requirements. Master Builders does not provide any guarantee that a member will be eligible for a particular discount or benefit. All queries regarding eligibility must be directed to the provider noted above as applicable.

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