Xact Accounting

The deal

Master Builders has partnered with Xact Accounting to offer exclusive, fixed-fee services for Master Builders members.

Why use it

The team at Xact Accounting understands that builders are generally as specialised at keeping their books as their accountants are at building.

The firm specialises in working with Australian small to medium enterprises, offering fixed-price accounting services so there will be no budget blowouts when it comes to your bookkeeping costs when you engage Xact Accounting.

They offer fixed-fee, 100% done for you bookkeeping and accounting services from specialists in the construction industry.

Hire Xact Accounting for one easily digestible monthly fixed fee, and they'll take care of every aspect of your bookkeeping, accounting and tax for your construction business. You'll be left with bonus time to focus on more important things like family or servicing your clients and growing your business, knowing everything is under control.

How to get it

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Need more info about the deal?

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