Mental Health Seminar

Want to learn how to improve mental health in your workplace and beyond? St. John Ambulance is offering Master Builders members a free one-day seminar for eligible building and construction industry workers, funded by CSQ.

The course provides participants with information on common mental illnesses, including depression and anxiety, as well as post-traumatic stress, suicidal thoughts and substance use disorders.

Participants will learn how to identify people who may be suffering from mental health problems, provide initial support and refer to professional services where appropriate, as well as how to promote a mentally healthy workplace, and develop strategies for self-care.

Open-Access Courses

For eligible individuals, the course can be held in one of our open-access locations with a maximum of 9 participants (subject to social distancing measures). Our venues are based throughout Queensland, ranging from Cairns through to Brisbane.

The open-access course can also be run via webinar (as mentioned previously) with up to 20 individual participants.

Private Group Sessions

These sessions are available for eligible employers with up to 20 participants if held via a webinar without the trainer in attendance or for up to 9 participants if the training session is held on-site (subject to social distancing measures).

For more information, call 1300 785 646, or email

Eligibility for attending a course will be assessed as part of the course enrolment process. You will be required to provide evidence of your employment in the building & construction industry within Queensland. Additionally, you will need to be 16+ years of age, have functional English language skills and meet citizenship / residency / visa eligibility criteria.  

Please note: Each participating organisation is initially eligible for one Private Group course booking (limit may be increased based on demand).

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