Professional indemnity

Cover for your specialist advice & service

Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you against claims from your specialist advice or services having caused financial loss or other damages to third parties.

Professional Indemnity Insurance has become a common contractual obligation and is a vital Insurance cover for builders, contractors and many others in the building and construction industry when they are providing services that involve the application of a specialist expertise.

Specialist services needing protection can be wide and varied. Some examples include (but not limited to):

  • Project and construction management
  • Design and construct
  • Building design work
  • Design interpretation and drafting
  • Building consultants
  • Design modifications, made by builders at request of owners
  • Management services
  • Vicarious liability: being held liable for the negligence of other professionals (e.g. architects and engineers).

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Did you know?

When arranging Professional Indemnity Insurance, there's some important aspects to consider, including knowing the periods you're covered for, important timing in notifying the insurer and must haves in your policy.

When you're covered

Professional Indemnity policies only work in respect of claims or incidents that might cause a claim and are reported to the insurer during the period the policy is actually in force.

This means that if a policy expires without you notifying the insurer of a dispute over a financial loss on a job, any subsequent claim or legal action will not be covered.

For this reason we recommend policies should be either maintained continuously as annual cover, or arranged as a project specific policy including an additional period beyond the construction phase for a predetermined number of months or years.

Must haves in your policy

It's of utmost importance that the professional activities you wish to insure are stated in your policy. Always remember that your policy will only respond to the activities stated. The fact that you may hold Professional Indemnity insurance does not automatically mean that you are covered for any business activity in which you are, have been, or may become engaged.

We're here to help

Professional Indemnity Insurance policies can vary greatly - some may exclude risks that others insure. Make sure you buy the cover you need and you're no aspect of your services are left vulnerable to legal claims.

Master Builders Insurance Services can provide detailed information on the differences between the many policies available, helping you choose the best policy for your needs. Email our team today!

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