Cyber risk insurance

Are you under attack?

Cyber attacks and data breaches are becoming all too common these days as high-tech criminals cause disruption to businesses both large and small – even government departments aren’t immune from attack.

The cost and disruption to your business from a cyber attack or data breach can be significant, however Cyber risk insurance can help you get back up and running, plus cover the costs to your business.

Examples of cyber attacks:

  • Virus or malicious software infection
  • Denial of service attack
  • Unauthorised access to networks – both external and internal
  • Confidential data theft
  • Phishing.

Benefits of cyber risk insurance

Cyber risk insurance helps to fortify your business against:

  • Losses to your business, such as the impact on business costs, cyber theft and damage to tangible property
  • Losses to others, such as legal expenses, settlements or awards, damages, civil fines and penalties, and mandatory privacy breach reporting
  • Response costs associated with extortion, data restoration, customer notification, credit and identity monitoring, and public relations.

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