Cyber crime is happening right now in Queensland, is your business exposed?

Cyber crime is skyrocketing and is a major risk. It's real and it's happening to builders and tradies just like you here in Queensland. You might be surprised of the numerous ways it can happen, and how fraudulent emails and invoices can look like the real deal.

To safeguard your business, make sure your cyber insurance policy includes 'criminal cyber attacks' such as the 'BEC scam' and covers you for Criminal Financial Loss.

Why is checking your policy important?

Not all cyber insurance policies cover everything you might expect them to, and that’s why Master Builders Insurance team are here to help you.

Cyber attacks and data breaches are becoming all too common these days. High-tech criminals are causing disruption to businesses both large and small.

The cost and disruption to your business from a cyber attack or data breach can be significant, however cyber insurance can help you get back up and running, plus cover the costs to your business.

Examples of cyber attacks:

  • Socially engineered theft
  • Cyber espionage, extortion and theft
  • Crimeware
  • Payment card skimming
  • Hacking
  • Web app attacks
  • Denial of services and distributed denial of services
  • Point of sale intrusion
  • Phone phreaking perpetrated against insured.

Why you need cyber insurance

Cyber insurance helps to fortify your business against:

  • Losses to your business, such as the impact on business costs, cyber theft and damage to tangible property
  • Losses to others, such as legal expenses, settlements or awards, damages, civil fines and penalties, and regulatory investigations (notifiable data breaches)
  • Response costs associated with extortion, data restoration, customer notification and public relations.

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