Building a home

Building a new home can be a very exciting time but it's important that you understand exactly what's involved, whether you're an owner builder or you plan to hire a licensed builder. We've compiled a concise suite of handy resources to help step you through the process to make it as smooth as possible.

Benefits of building new

Discover the benefits to building new instead of buying an existing home.

Where to build

This will depend on a range of factors, including your lifestyle, local amenities and land type.

New or existing design

Build a new home from scratch or opt for a customisable project home... the choice is yours.

Sourcing quotes

Find out the important things to do when requesting quotes.

Using a licensed contractor

We'll tell you how to check whether a builder is licensed.

Contract documents

We give you an overview of the types of contract documents involved.

Contract variations

Understand what impacts changes to contracts can have.

Payments and deductions

Know your rights and obligations when it comes to paying deposits and making progress payments.

Approvals and inspections

It's necessary to obtain certain approvals and inspections before you start building.

Before moving in

Ready to move in? Here's what you need to do before handover.

Building with a Master Builder

Did you know that Master Builders’ members carry out more than 80 per cent of building work in Queensland?

When you build with a Master Builder you can have peace-of-mind knowing that your builder is appropriately licensed and has the support of a professional industry association.

Our Find a Master Builder search is a free service that helps you find properly licensed Master Builders to build your new home.

If you build with a Master Builder, we’re here to help you too, particularly in relation to contracts or any disputes that may arise throughout the building process.

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