Approvals and inspections

Building approvals

A building permit is needed before any construction on your home can begin.

You or your builder must lodge a building development application and have it assessed by either a private building certifier or a local authority.

The building development approval will specify what stages of the construction process require a building inspection.

Building inspections

The certifier who issues your building development approval will be required to issue a stage inspection certificate your home at the following stages of construction:

  1. Footing
  2. Slab
  3. Frame
  4. Final.

Accessing the building site

You have a right to enter the worksite during the building process, provided you put your request in writing, your inspection won't obstruct the works and you comply with any reasonable direction by the builder in regards to workplace health and safety.

Communication is the key to a successful building project and avoiding disputes. Make sure you keep in regular contact with your builder (not their subcontractors) during construction to check on progress and discuss any queries or variations you would like to make.

Building consultants

During the building process or at completion of the work, you may need to seek the advice of a building consultant.

Building consultants perform a range of services, including:

Master Builders' Institute of Building Consultants is made up of a variety of building consultants and property related professionals, including building inspectors.

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