A hazard in the workplace is anything that has the potential to harm someone's health and safety. They can include work practices and procedures and can be physical, chemical, biological or psychological.

It's an employer's responsibility to identify hazards in a workplace, so it's handy to know what to look out for.

We've compiled a list of the most common hazards:

- 10 critical risk events

- Asbestos

- Bullying & harassment

- Chemicals

- Confined spaces

- Electricity

- Excavation

- Falling objects

- Fatigue

- Heat induced illness (heat stress)

- Heights

- Manual tasks

- Mobile plant

- Noise

- Psychosocial hazards

- Power tools

- Severe weather

- Silica & dust

- Site security

- Sun & ultraviolet rays

- Storage & housekeeping

- Underground & overhead services

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