If the value of construction work exceeds $250,000, the principal contractor needs to produce a work health and safety (WHS) management plan before any work can begin. Projects under $250,000 don’t legally require a WHS management plan but we strongly recommend you have one.

What is a WHS Management Plan?

A WHS Management Plan is a detailed plan for a specific construction workplace, providing written evidence of how risks are to be managed on-site.

The plan should be readily accessible and must be reviewed regularly and revised to reflect any changes to how risks will be managed. The principal contractor is responsible for ensuring all relevant people are notified of any revisions. If a notifiable incident occurs during the project, the plan must be kept for at least two years after the incident.

What does it include?

The plan must outline:

  • Names, positions and health and safety responsibilities of anyone in the workplace who has health and safety responsibilities in connection with the project
  • Arrangements between any person conducting a business or undertaking at the workplace for consultation, cooperation and coordination of activities in relation to compliance with their duties
  • Arrangements for managing any work health and safety incidents that occur
  • Any site-specific health and safety rules
  • Arrangements for ensuring all people at the workplace are informed of the health and safety rules, for example pre-start meetings, site inductions and toolbox talks
  • Arrangements for collection and any assessment, monitoring and review of safe work method statements at the workplace.

WHS Management Plan template

We've developed WHS Management Plan templates to help you meet your obligations.

Choose from the WHS Management Plan - Single dwelling and small multi-residential construction or the WHS Management Plan – Commercial and multi-residential construction.

Benefits of the template

  • Access your documents 24/7
  • Easily and quickly distribute the completed plan to subcontractors and clients in real-time
  • Confidence you’re using a compliant and up-to-date plan
  • Reuse information from previous plans to create new, similar plans
  • Access to a competitively priced, quality product you can trust
  • Exclusive access to Master Builders’ dedicated eDocs service desk.

Our WHS Management Plan template is available via Master Builders eDocs system. Learn more about eDocs or sign up for eDocs today.

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