Safety health checks

How safe is your building or construction business?

If you want to know whether your systems are healthy, arrange a Master Builders Safety Health Check.

If you don’t have the right WHS practices in place you could be putting you, your workers and others at risk of injury. You could also be breaking the law, resulting in costly fines, workers compensation and other unnecessary hazards and risks.

No matter what your business – owner-builder, in residential construction or the commercial construction industry – needs to keep everyone safe.

Do you want peace-of-mind that your safety systems and related documents and plans are compliant and effectively managing your safety hazards and risks? We offer Safety Health Checks, where an experienced member of our team will visit you for a face-to-face consultation, and consult follow up. We can help you to make sure you’re meeting WHS laws, WHS regulations, relevant act and regulations and codes of practice to secure a safe work environment for building and construction work.

How it works

Arrange a Master Builders Safety Health Check today and let us help you optimise your work, health and safety systems.

  • Step 1: Health Consultation – One of our WHS specialists will meet with you for a two-hour, face-to-face consultation to examine your existing safety systems and related documentation and make an assessment.
  • Step 2: Action Plan – Following their assessment, your safety specialist will prescribe a Health Check Action Plan specifically tailored to your business. The action plan will detail practical steps you can take to improve your safety practices.
  • Step 3: Routine Follow-up – You’ll receive a phone coaching session to check in on your progress with the action plan and help you work through any difficulties you may face.

Jump on our special offer

Register your interest today to receive a Master Builders Safety Health Check. Simply email to register your interest, and you’ll receive all of this for $200 (incl. GST).

Use our safety assessment tool to see how you’re tracking

We've developed a WHS self-assessment tool that allows you to assess your current safety compliance against key regulatory requirements through an easy-to-use questionnaire.


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