Master Builders Queensland accepts the government advice that vaccination is one of the effective control measures to assist members to meet their obligation to protect their workers against COVID-19, and overall is one that keeps the community in which they operate safe. We strongly encourage employers and workers in the building and construction industry to get vaccinated.

We also encourage companies to support their workers (who want to be vaccinated) with access to vaccination, and to take active steps (such as paid vaccination time) that will assist in broad industry uptake of the COVID-19 vaccination. We support governments providing reliable and up-to-date information about the effectiveness of vaccinations in the workplace.

Currently, employers in Queensland may require workers be vaccinated in specific circumstances. Outside of those circumstances, we urge members to consult with their workforces when developing reasonable vaccination policies that consider the specific requirements of both workers and the work they generally undertake. Policies should be informed by relevant government public health advice; take into consideration client requirements; and should provide ‘reasonable accommodation’ for those individuals where vaccination is not practicable, for medical reasons or those that are protected by discrimination legislation.

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