All Master Builders training assessments are competency-based, meaning students are given a result of either competent or not yet competent. Our training team will support you through to successful completion and competency.

Courses with qualification outcomes

Our training courses with building qualification outcomes, are divided into units of study (a unit of study is a group of like subjects). Each unit of study will have a number of assessments – each broken into activity questions and a simulated project inline with your required licencing class (Low Rise Builder, Medium Rise Builder, Open Builder).

Assessments are staged throughout the duration of the course (at the end of each unit). All assessments must be completed within a designated timeframe.  Assessments for high level qualifications (Certificate IV in Building & Construction, Diploma of Building & Construction, Advanced Diploma of Building & Construction) need to be completed using our online assessment portal.

Other training courses

Depending on the course, you may be required to complete a competency assessment. These are paper-based assessments and may be required to be completed during the workshops or post-course.

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