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Equipping small businesses to succeed

Whether you're a builder, subbie or work in administration, we have a range of specialised workshops and courses for small businesses. Check them out and find a livestream or face-to-face course near you today!

CSQ funding for small businesses now available^
Subject to funding availability, and eligibility criteria applies – enrolling student must be a small business owner or employee of a building and construction business (directly involved in the administrative day-to-day running of the business). A small business is defined as less than 20 employees in the building and construction industry. Click here for more information or call 1300 136 002 to check your eligibility and to enrol.

COVID-19 social distancing and hygiene rules apply for all students of face-to-face courses.

Financial Essentials

Livestream course: Get equipped in cash flow management, basic bookkeeping, account payable & receivable, basic P&L management plus more.

Residential Building Contracts Administration

Livestream course: Understand the legal obligations of completing and administering Residential Building Contracts.

Commercial Building Contracts Administration

Livestream course: understand the legal obligations of completing and administering a Master Builders Commercial Building Contract.

Negotiation Skills

Face-to-face workshop: Negotiate your way to success. Build robust negotiation skills using high-level techniques.

Practical Communication Skills

Face-to-face workshop: For anyone keen to learn how to communicate more effectively with colleagues, staff, managers, business partners & clients.

Introduction to Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing is vital to business success. Learn the basics about owned, paid and earned media, Google AdWords, social media marketing and more.

Computer Essentials (Windows 10 & Outlook)

If you need to learn the basics of Windows 10 and Outlook, and how the functionalities can help you in day-to-day business then this course is for you

Microsoft Excel (Level One)

Make estimating and budgeting easier, keep better records and use formulas to forecast. Learn how to make formulas do the work for you & more.

Microsoft Project (Level One)

If you’re new to project management or looking to upgrade software, then this is the course for you. Plan, schedule and monitor projects with ease.

Payment Claims & Schedules

Learn what you need to do to comply, how to protect your right to payment and what contracts you can use to drastically reduce your paperwork.

BIFA Chapter 3: Adjudication Applications & Responses

Reduce expensive legal costs by learning how to write an Adjudication Application or an Adjudication Response.

Project Trust Accounts

From 1 January 2022, project trust accounts will now include private sector projects. Learn how to set-up and manage PTA's in our 4-hour workshop.

Insolvency Workshop

Our livestream workshop includes practical tips for dealing with the insolvency of others and reducing the risk to you and your business.

Terms & conditions

Please read Master Builders training and licensing policies and Student Handbook prior to enrolment.

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